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Chicago, USA.

“Did you see who shot him?”

Rachel Paul’s Great Gatsby! It’s Murder is a comedic play, set in a fantasy flapper era, filled with glitz, glamour, and murder. This absurd whodunnit will have you roaring in your seats and accusing your favorite characters of crimes.

Set in a secret, not-so-secret, speakeasy during the era of underground enterprises, come live a night of scandals, mystery, and Charleston. No one is safe at the Shanghai Club and everyone just stopped by for a glass of Giggle Water.

Will Moxie finally join the mob? Will Sal snatch her man? Will Tony outrun the dames? And will Trixie be able to wrangle her bunch of loveable loons, to ultimately save the club from Guido Maroni?

Directed by award-winning Canadian actress, Shannon Lawson, this theatrical event is a Fundraiser for Operation Come Home’s Homeless Youth Hot Breakfast program.

Enjoy an evening of laughs and help make your community a better place over the holiday season.

Dressing in flapper era attire is encouraged, but not mandatory.

Some content may be triggering due to the vintage style of comedy.
Best suited for audience 18 plus. 

Great Gatsby! It’s Murder is presented by Paper Picture Productions in partnership with American Variety Entertainment.

Written by

Rachel Paul


Shannon Lawson

Executive Producer

Arya Landers

Executive Producer

Rachel Paul



Ashley Gillard as Trixie Kelly

Rosaka as Moxie Heart

Sharon Dickson as Lucy Maxine

Arya Landers as Sal McGee

James Maxwell Pettifer as Detective Ed

Corgand Svendsen as Tony Maroni

Ranjeet Singh as Frank Fists

Tyler Watt as Louie Leone


Special Appearances

Gabriella Gasby as Gertrude McMannis

David Dermirkan as Guido Maroni

Kyle Estabrooks as VIP Mike

Sammie Tep as VIP Bobby

Steve Vesley as VIP Barney

Stage Manager

Sharon Dickson

Assistant Stage Manager

Melanie Matheson

Assistant Stage Manager

Ranjeet Singh

Movement Coach

April Pierrot

Voice Coach

Alexander Simoes

Set Design

Darya Chrenowski

Costume Design 

Rachel Paul


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