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Paper Picture Productions in partnership with Moonlit Theatre present our first joint production as Paper Moon Theatre. From 19th Century London, to the Algonquin Commons Theatre, comes Sondheim's dark masterpiece of murder and betrayal.


Peter Graves as Sweeney Todd

Skye MacDiarmid as Mrs. Lovett

Hannah Lundrigan as Johanna Barker

Jesse Nasmith as Anthony Hope

Micah Jondel as Judge Turpin

Kodi Cannon as Beadle Bamford

Hazel Stanfield as Tobias Ragg

Bradley McDermid as Adolfo Pirelli

Rebecca Russell as Beggar Woman

Euan Wheaton as Jonas Fogg

Adrien Pyke as Bird Seller


Maggie Wolfe

Benjamin Haile

Susanna Doherty

Carmen Harris 

Emili Losier

Emmanuel Simon


Jason Sedlar

Music Director

Sabrina Tang

Stage Manager

Sharon Dickson


Arya Landers

Jason Sedlar

Sharon Dickson

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to present Sweeney Todd as our first of many upcoming musicals, just in time for the Halloween season in October. This theatrical spectacle is directed by Jason Sedlar, featuring Peter Graves in the role of Sweeney Todd with Skye MacDiarmid in the role of Mrs. Lovett.

What better way to celebrate the ending of the fall season then to attend a murderous musical?


Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler’s landmark musical tells the tale of a resourceful pie shop owner and a vengeful barber out for blood. After Benjamin is sent away by corrupt Judge Turpin to Australia for a crime he did not commit, he returns to London years later seeking his long-lost family. Finding his former life in ruins, he takes up his former barber mantel as Sweeney Todd and forms an unlikely partnership with Mrs. Lovett, who serves up pies underneath his former shop. Together, they wreak murderous havoc on Fleet Street and serve up the hottest – and most unsettling – pies in London. Though many fall to Sweeney's blade, he will not be satisfied until he slits the throat of Turpin, the man who stole his life and child.


It is our honour to cordially invite you to our spectacular show, premiering this fall and running from October 7th to 15th, 2023.

Featuring some of the most chilling music ever written for the stage, this masterpiece is sure both to thrill and delight our audiences.


*This program contains violent content which may be too intense and/or graphic for some viewers. Parental and viewer discretion is advised. Due to the nature of the show, we do not recommend children 12 and younger to attend.* 


Let the carnage begin!

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